Monday, February 16, 2009

Pushkar/Ajmer Tips


Brahma Temple- this is a really holy temple, if not the most impressive, check it out, 10 minutes

Savitri Temple- a hike and climb up the hill but worth it, go early or after the heat of the day, nice view of the surrounding area and of Pushkar.


Yogi Toast- delicious homestyle grilled cheeses for super cheap, next to bus stand.

Little Italy- yummy breakfast, muesli with lots of hard to find fruits, pizzas, pastas, complimentary garlic bread with dinner, fresh and tasty salads, nice owners.

Third Eye - bad food and expensive; nice guest house but not sure the prices and usually booked

Kamal Guest House- nice room, double room with bath and hot water, 200 Rs/night


Mango Masala- good veg burgers and ice cream, if you are there and hungry.

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