Saturday, February 14, 2009

Jaipur Tips

Jantar Mantar- observatory, with interesting structures, photo op, 100 Rs.

Palace- typical Rajathani palace with nice exhibitions, 300 Rs w/audio guide included.

Hawa Mahal- where the ladies of the palace could view the city from above, nice structure with great view of town, 50 Rs.

Sunder Palace : rooms starting at 450 Rs for double with bathroom, more expensive rooms available; book ahead tel: 09-1141-236078; or 236878, they have train station pick up!

Lassi place: right across the street from Hawa Mahal (you will see a crowd of people outside), don't miss this opportunity for a Badam Lassi (almond flavor)!

Rajasthali-really nice things here, government shop with crafts, etc. all fixed prices, if you're tired of bargaining.

Fabric shopping- good place to do this but beware of the touts, and of course bargain your booty off.

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