Monday, February 16, 2009

Pushkar/Ajmer Tips


Brahma Temple- this is a really holy temple, if not the most impressive, check it out, 10 minutes

Savitri Temple- a hike and climb up the hill but worth it, go early or after the heat of the day, nice view of the surrounding area and of Pushkar.


Yogi Toast- delicious homestyle grilled cheeses for super cheap, next to bus stand.

Little Italy- yummy breakfast, muesli with lots of hard to find fruits, pizzas, pastas, complimentary garlic bread with dinner, fresh and tasty salads, nice owners.

Third Eye - bad food and expensive; nice guest house but not sure the prices and usually booked

Kamal Guest House- nice room, double room with bath and hot water, 200 Rs/night


Mango Masala- good veg burgers and ice cream, if you are there and hungry.

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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Jaipur Tips

Jantar Mantar- observatory, with interesting structures, photo op, 100 Rs.

Palace- typical Rajathani palace with nice exhibitions, 300 Rs w/audio guide included.

Hawa Mahal- where the ladies of the palace could view the city from above, nice structure with great view of town, 50 Rs.

Sunder Palace : rooms starting at 450 Rs for double with bathroom, more expensive rooms available; book ahead tel: 09-1141-236078; or 236878, they have train station pick up!

Lassi place: right across the street from Hawa Mahal (you will see a crowd of people outside), don't miss this opportunity for a Badam Lassi (almond flavor)!

Rajasthali-really nice things here, government shop with crafts, etc. all fixed prices, if you're tired of bargaining.

Fabric shopping- good place to do this but beware of the touts, and of course bargain your booty off.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Chandigarh Tips

Rock Garden: really cool to wander around and for photo-ops; concerts and shows occasionally, 10 Rs.
Lake: nice to walk around, paddleboats, take a nap on the grass
High Court: supposedly has interesting architecture; a somewhat interesting museum covering the history of the Indian judicial system, very close to the lake

Mermaid Cafe: next to the Lake; grab a Kingfisher draft and lunch

Getting around: rickshaws

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Sunday, February 8, 2009

post trip post

a few months since we've gotten back and we have finally started typing up our tips. you can find them here:

for travelers, we would love updates on these and for those that know travelers, please feel free to pass on the info.
and on another note, to all of you that wrote us, on and off the blog, thanks for all the great words of encouragement!


EDIT: We have retroactively transferred the tips back to this site. Makes life easier for everyone (us) :-)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Manali Tips

The area around Manali is in the mountains, with apple , the things to do are all outdoorsy- hiking, rock climbing, trekking and more. Inquire upon arrival. There are several travel agencies in New Manali.

For Lodging 3 options:
New Manali: only has larger hotels, located in the valley, not so nice.
Old Manali: Israeli backpacker hangout, not recommended, has a couple modest temples.
Vashisht: on the mountain, better to stay here, plenty of places to stay with nice views.


Amar House- at the end of the road keep walking and then head left. tel: 9816191530; 250 Rs for double with bathroom, huge and nice room with wonderful view of river and mountains

Maa Sharada- great little restaurant with brothers running front of house and kitchen; everything is delicious; good prices.

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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dharmasala Tips

*Try to not stay in Dharmasala at all, take transport to Mcleod Gang even if it is late and find a place there.

McLeod Ganj

Main Complex: 
Dalai Lama's residence
Tsuglagkhang Temple
Tibet Museum- about Tibetans' plight from Tibet since the Cultural Revolution in China

Tibetan Government Complex (bottom of hill from mcleod, 30 min walk):
Museum of Tibetan Medicine- really interesting
Tibetan Cultural Museum- with some artifacts
*Here you can take many classes such as Tibetan Language, Buddhism, etc.

Hiking: walk to Triund, about 4 hours round trip- nice views especially on a clear day; take lunch. Other options include further overnight hikes to Chamba; check with locals for guides, etc.

Momo cafe- good for chai and momo's
JJI cafe- really good breakfast JJI breakfast or farmer's breakfast
Tibet bakery- great bread and donuts and muffins, etc. try something new every day, run by the exile government.
view from Dharamkot

None, use this as a cheap place to stay with a good view, quieter than McLeod itself

Massage course
- down the trail (1800 Rs for 5 classes / 2 hours each); ask for Kamal

Iyengar Yoga Center- large yoga complex

*other classes such as jewelry making/knitting, etc.

Chabad House- internet, shabbat dinners, etc.

Snow White Lodge- upper dharamkot; nice family; 200 Rs/night, double with attached bath and hot shower; no sign- just ask for Deepak

Milkey Way Cafe- good Israeli food, run by Sanji


*Like Dharamkot but busier, has many mid-range accomodations (Best Western etc.)

Rita's cooking classes- 700 Rs for 3 sessions/person; includes lunch after each class.

Unity Pizza- amazing pizza for a good price

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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Amritsar Tips

Golden Temple: the main attraction; spend as long as you can here; you can eat and sleep inside the complex for free; there is also a coke stand and separate nescafe stand where you can get 5 Rs soft drinks and tea/coffee/hot chocolate!

Outside the complex: not much going on in the rest of Amritsar (we tried).

Punjabi Rasoi: delicious Aloo Paratha for breakfast

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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Haridwar Tips

Temple at top of the hill- fun cable car ride up; nice view of the city on the way down.

Ganga Aarti- every evening there is a celebration along the river Ganges that is interesting, follow the crowd around sunset time.

Chatwalla- it's a chain serving good solid Indian food, on the main road.

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