Friday, January 23, 2009

Varanasi Tips

Boat Ride on Ganges: 100 Rs/ hour/person; you can see the different Ghats(steps going down to the Ganges); the best time is sunrise or sunset; the recommended direction is to go to the southern end of city (Assi ghat) and take a boat northwards.
Manikarnika Ghat- the burning ghat, where bodies are burned before the ashes are scattered in the Ganges river, it's slightly unnerving to be there but definitely an experience.

Alka; website: (website is under construction but google for more info)  tel: 240168; located at Meer Ghat; try to book ahead; great location on the Ganges river. different types of rooms ranging from 300 Rs all the way to 1500. 300 gets you double room with shared bath; attached bath starts at 500 Rs (No AC); restaurant is overpriced but tasty and on the balcony overlooking the Ganges. try the special thali. 

Mona Lisa Cafe: cheap and good, shakshuka, juices, and pastries, etc. internet also, near Harichandra ghat.

Brown Bread bakery: good sandwiches/veggie burgers; a little pricey, 1 liter water fillup 5 Rs.

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