Sunday, December 7, 2008

Xian Tips

Terracotta soldiers- no tour necessary, from south gate take bus 603 to the train station. from there bus 306, a green tourist bus, takes you there all the way. the video in the tourist information center (near the ticket stand) is quite informative for some background info. before you enter. tip- don't research the place beforehand, it will be a lot more impressive if you haven't already seen pictures of the place

Big Goose Pagoda- the park around it is very nice. the pagoda was closed for construction when we were there, making the entrance not very worthwhile, so ask before you enter. To get there take bus 609 from south gate.

Xiangzimen youth hostel- beds ok, showers ok, cleanliness was so-so, western toilet, but not clean. 40 rmb/dorm. can be booked on
**note that we looked at several other hostels and they were all worse than this one, so even though we can't really recommend it, it might be your best bet...

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