Monday, December 15, 2008

Emei Shan Tips

The Mountain- 3 methods of going up the mountain:
1-Pilgrim style=walking
2-Chinese tourist style=taking the bus to the top for an afternoon
3-Compromise, some of the way with a bus, some of the way walking

*if you want to hike, we recommend going up and down in 3 days.

Bus to midway stop 40 rmb, bus to top 70 rmb, bus from top coming down 30 rmb. chairlift to peak from top 50 rmb.

Accomodation in hotel on top is 400 rmb. On the way up the mountain there is cheaper accommodation for about 50 rmb a bed in selected temples; these are very very basic.

**please be aware the this is not a dirt path, but STEPS, all the way up

In Town:
Teddy Bear Hostel- rooms stuffy, not very clean, food not good. (but, it is right at the entrance to the park...)
25 rmb/dorm

"Vegetarian Restaurant"- lit up by neon lights you cross a small bridge over water to get here, just across and up a little from teddy bear. try the sichuan eggplant and anything else. very nice atmosphere.not a vegetarian restaurant but still called so...

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