Saturday, October 18, 2008


the trek from Udaipur to Mumbai was one of our longest. 18 hours on the train could have been a lot worse but we both slept a good deal and arrived in Bombay in fairly good shape. After arriving we took the local train to southern Mumbai- Colaba, where most hotels are and a good place to begin exploring the massive city. First goal was to eat. We are still not sure what exactly it was but we believe the restarant attempted to drug us because after trying a few spoonfuls of our tasty thali we started feeling really "spacy". we bolted out of there and instead grabbed a 6 inch from the Subway next door. It's good the record franchises around the world paid off for us. By the time we checked the few decent budget hotels in the area we had to settle in to our mot overpriced accomodation to date. we only had 2 nights so whatever. we started the morning as we strolled north from Colaba, passed by the Jewish Synagogue and continued walking along the Oval Maiden where swarms of people were playing crcket, besides the University of Mumbai and the british colonial inspired buildings that comprise it. We arrived at the High Court, and were allowed to wander among the courtrooms and offices. It was a weekend but there were still some patrons here and there. We shared a table with some local Mumbayans at a nice restaurant across the street from the Railway Station which is a grandiose building and is itself a main attraction. We were tipped to go to Crawford Market which is pure mayhem. A crowded, loud, not really a market, area of commerce chased us away. Back in Colaba we visited India Gate along the water where the boardwalk was once agin swarming with people and then had a small dinner. We then packed our bags once more, as we were headed for the beach!

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  1. thanks for the update. we need to find out more about this "spacy" feeling...
    Look forward to seeing you soon!