Sunday, October 26, 2008

Goa the second time/ the final adventure

the much anticipated return to goa began early at 5:30 am. we rolled to the train station in our last rickshaw ride. after 8 hours or so we were back in Goa where we headed back to our bungalow in Varca. The next couple days we enjoyed a few more scooter rides along with delicious meals, drinks, and conversation. our venture southwards towards Palolem began early with a short ferry ride and then a drive along the coastal road stopping at the beaches on the way. One stop was Agonda beach, quiet, empty and nice waves. Then we reached Palolem with its dense palms along the beach, pubs, restaurants, and bus-loads of Israelis. We walked the length of the beach and then enjoyed some delicious iced cappuccinos on fake leather sofas overlooking the sea. Our next stop was just a few minutes south to quiet Patnem beach. A world away from Palolem although they are adjacent coves. After a dip we hopped back on the scooter and took the bumpy highway all the way back to Varca. The next couple days were spent relaxing and in good conversation with Archie and Jane along with several delicious meals in between.

We left Goa on a (late) internal flight to Mumbai, at which point we had to get to the train station downtown where we had left our luggage. Unfortunately there was rioting in the streets, so we took a free shuttle to the nearest train station and took a train downtown. A quick retrieval later we got into a cab which sped back to the airport in record time (in order to avoid rocks being thrown at cabs)...there we had a wait until 4 am to board our flight to Istanbul. A sleep later we arrived in Turkey, and with a long layover, we headed out into the city. A lunch, Sultanahmet, Aya Sofia, baklava, turkish coffee and subway ride later, we were back in the airport for our flight home!

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