Monday, July 28, 2008

trivia #2

We are leaving China manana, so before we go, a few more souvenirs up for grabs....
1) What company has the largest market share of bicycles in China?
2) In most developing countries residents pay 1% of their income to access the internet. What % of their income do the Chinese pay to access the internet? (guessing allowed, question courtesy of China Daily)
3) Name the 2008 Olympic mascots and explain their significance.
4) What are the women of the Zhuang minority known for? (2 winners possible: one obvious answer, one advanced answer)
Answers should be posted to comments. Good Luck!


  1. what about the haircut you promised? we're all waiting to see michael with katzutz.
    and also havent been reading lately, i see you two have the amibition to become novelists...

  2. #1 the bicycle company is Giant

  3. Lin Lao Shi told us about the Olympic mascots, so I feel a little like I'm cheating. But the are five little dolls are Beibei, Jingjing, Huanhuan, Yingying and Nini, and each syllable taken together form the words for Beijing Welcomes You. They represent the five elements of nature in their head-dresses: fire, earth, sky, forest and sea. And the dolls themselves are the animals in China a fish, a panda, an antelope, a swallow plus the Olympic flame.

  4. nathan and linda, good job!
    answer to #2 is 10%
    answer to #4- obvious: really really long hair, advanced: women court men for marriage by pinching their behind.