Friday, June 27, 2008

Pictures week 1

day 8

mao/pingyao south

incense/pingyao gate

on the walls of pingyao old city


day 7



chinese squat/kung fu

typical pingyao courtyard/like a lion

new cups/pingyao arrival

day 6

hungry for melon/datong is a coal mining city

hanging monastery

hanging monastery

yungang caves

buddha with daph for scale

yungang caves

yungang caves

day 5

temple of heaven/night train

trying to cross the street in beijing/temple of heaven

lama temple/coffee stash

air drying clothes

day 4

laundry night/free poncho courtesy of beijing subway

great wall(mutianyu)/82 yuan=12 dollars

great wall

great wall

daily sunscreen routine/climbing to wall

day 3


summer palace/birthday dinner beer

summer palace

summer palace/ birthday breakfast of champions

day 2

daph with olympic mascots

hungry izzy?/donghuamen night market

forbidden city

forbidden city/tiananmen sq

morning excercises with the seniors of beijing/for miller

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  1. Those pictures look amazing! Seems like you're having a wonderful time!
    And happy (belated) birthday, Michael!