Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Beijing/Great Wall

day 4
today was the best day so far! we went to the great wall. after deciding not to take an organized tour we had a little adventure from the subway to the bus to a bus driver that became a taxi driver. we arrived at the Mutianyu section of the wall to find it practically empty. it was a great hike up and along the wall and there were rewarding views from the top. i even had a few chinese conversations with the bored vendors. as afternoon approached and the sky became even hazier, storm clouds approaching, we made our way down and back to the big city.

day 5
final day in beijing. my lungs are telling me that i need to leave soon. yesterday we washed our first batch of clothes but the humidity did not allow for them to dry, and now we are walking around with wet clothes hanging off our backpacks and praying that they will dry even just a bit. first stop was at the lama temple, the first place we went to that smelled really good (of incense). this is the most important tibetan temple outside of tibet and the huge sandalwood buddha (17 m) was very impressive. from there, we started making our way to the temple of heaven park, not before stopping at a huge supermarket. we love supermarkets. the park was a nice patch of green in the city but our legs were giving out and it was time to get ready for our first night train to datong. pictures are coming. stay tuned...



  1. Hi Daphne,
    We are really proud of you for having a chat in Chinese with the vendors on the Great Wall. We wish both of you a good trip to Xian, and greetings to the terra cotta soldiers we hope one day to see ourselves.
    abba ve Ima

  2. Nice experience. And the pictures? Love to both. Roby

  3. hiiiii
    sounds like you are having fun. nice to hear. send me a postcard! bisous

  4. I like hearing about climbing the mountains and bicycling, and the food. Can people speak Mandarin in all the places so far?